The Team Line is a directory style phone system that gives each team member a mailbox and extension.  This service captures questions from customers, prospects and members as well as allowing you to call from the Team Line on your mobile phone so that your personal number is not disclosed.  Furthermore, this allows callbacks to be handled by another team member or department, as necessary.  Call 919.825.0295 24/7
Use the Team Line to help you develop your marketing flow.  Just remember one number to be able to connect your team or prospects to the weekly Saturday Training Opportuntiy, a free gift, or the opportunity overview.  The overview is generic and the call to action at the end of the call directs to this page where they can request a call back.  The Team Line is designed training as well as to functional as a professional communication system.  
We are happy to share each training tool that we use with you to use in your own business; either as a private service that you purchase or a shared service that we gift.  In fact, some Saturday Training Opportunities are devoted to tools, marketing and automation ideas, and workflow best practices which gives valued mastermind group for feedback.  If you win, we ALL win. Our very mission and pledge is to win WITH you.
Team Line Greeting
  • Thank you for calling Team Favor. Our favorite thing to do is WIN WITH YOU.
  • If you know your party's extension, please enter it now or press 8 for the name directory.
  • To leave a voicemail or a research question press 1 NOW.
  • For the business opportunity overview press 2, and when prompted press 339005#
  • To attend our training opportunity on Saturdays at noon eastern, press 3 and  
    when prompted pin number 9197064669#
  •  For information about the Spanish Classes press 4 NOW.
  •  To build a website or publish a book press 5 NOW.
  •  For a great gift and be added to receive news you can use text TEAMFAVOR to 44222
  •  To speak to a representative, press 0 NOW.
  • You may also visit us on the web at  --may your life be divine by design.

May your life be divine by design - Team Favor - 919.825.0295
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